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Question: Do you need professional help with identifying how much power you need to back-up your IT Equipment in your Large or Small Datacenter, IDF / MDF, Network Closet or Other Edge Locations?

Question: Is Software Integration and Remote Monitoring of power important to you?

Answer: If the Answer is “YES” to either of these questions, Eaton and CCI can definitely help. 

Eaton is a leader in Power Management and Power Quality, and is ready to help you with building a strong business continuity strategy.

How can Eaton help you:

Eaton is offering a Free Power Audit valued at $1500.

Eaton will work together with you on identifying your current Business Continuity plan, as well as help develop a new Business Continuity plan that will help you reduce downtime and increase reliability.

  • Identify which Racks and IT equipment is important to you, and estimate power infrastructure needs.
  • Identify if there are any Generators being used in your applications, which makes an impact on our solution.
  • Identify if software integration is important.
  • Eaton will put together a complete BOM for you, based upon site visit.

To schedule your free assessment please contact:

Dan Dorgan with Communications Consulting Inc. @ 724-935-7639 or email


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